Most rooms accommodate between 4 and 8 people, though depending on the block, rooms of 2, 12 or 16 may be available. There’s no need to worry yourself about room-sharing plans just yet; our tried-and-tested room-allocation system is geared towards keeping your group of friends as close as possible, regardless of how many of you there are. 
This will be organised at the start of November. All the accommodation blocks have Wi-Fi available, in standard accommodation this may be restricted to just the communal areas. Our upgraded accommodation always sells out in minutes, so if you have your eyes on an upgrade, make sure to be quick on booking morning!


If you’re looking to keep costs down, don’t worry - our standard accommodation is more than adequate. All apartments feature self-catering kitchens and ensuite bathrooms.

Tier 1 - £59

On a budget but still looking for a bit more comfort? The Tier 1 apartments are a little more spacious with snow-dependent ski-in and ski-out access to the pistes. In apartment WiFi is guaranteed.

Tier 2 - £89

If you’re looking for a bit more luxury and want some extra space to spread out at the end of the day, Tier 2 apartments offer an all-round more relaxing experience. They are superbly furnished and complete with superior facilities, just seconds from the slopes. In apartment WiFi is guaranteed.

Tier 3 - £199

If you’re looking for the ultimate Varsity experience, indulge yourself with our 4 star Tier 3 luxury accommodation. You’ll have lots of space to relax and free access to a swimming pool and more space within the residence. Free WiFi is of course included.

Female Only Rooms

In 2016 we introduced the option of accommodation available only to those who identify as female. Choosing this guarantees that you will not share an apartment or studio with other groups that could include men. The option is available for Standard accommodation at no additional cost.
Please be aware that these images serve as a guide only.
Due to the scale of Varsity Trip, your room may be in a different block with slightly different furnishings.

Room Allocations

Room allocations is the same two-stage system as in previous years and allows us to keep you and your friends as close as possible to each other.

Stage 1 will open Sunday 5th November 12:00. Stage 2 will be the next week, from Wednesday 8th November 12:00 until Thursday 9th November 12:00.
Please note that if you do not complete Stage 1, you will be randomly allocated a room and unfortunately you will have no say over who you share with.

What is Stage 1?
Stage 1 will require you to put yourself into a general friendship group. These could be friends from college, your sports team, or even from the other University. These are the people you will share an apartment or group of apartments with. There is no limit to the size of friendship groups so get thinking! To create a friendship group, one person will initially need to login and set up a group name. They will then be given a code which others can use. However, a majority of participants decide to live with people from their college, and in this case, the college counts as a large friendship group. To make the process easier, we have already set-up a college group which you are free to join. You can only form friendship groups with others on the same accommodation tier.

... and Stage 2?
Stage 2 will open during the following week. You will be allocated appropriate apartments based on the size of your group. For instance, a group of 24 could be allocated 4x 6-bed apartments or 3x 8-bed apartments. These apartments ought to be within close proximity to each other in the same apartment bloc, but please note that in exceptional circumstances this may not be feasible. We will send an e-mail nearer the time with more instructions on Stage 2.