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Accommodation ranges from two-person flats to sixteen-person flats, with the most common rooms fitting between four and eight. Our upgraded accommodation always sells out in minutes, so if you have your eyes on an upgrade, make sure to be quick on booking morning!

There’s no need to worry yourself about room-sharing plans just yet. Our tried-and-tested room allocation system is geared towards keeping your group of friends as close as possible, regardless of how many of you there are. We will organise accommodation at the start of November.


Accommodation in Tignes

Room allocations



Our tried-and-tested room allocation process is here to ensure that you can stay as close as possible to your friends. Here is a useful guide to the process.

You will either all live together in one apartment, or be split into a number of smaller ones. If you’re separated, our system will still allow you to remain in close proximity to each other. Whilst we strive to keep friendship groups together as neighbours or on the same corridor, this is not always possible due to the layout of buildings and the room types within them. Like in previous years, we will be dividing the process into two stages.


Stage One

Please note that if you do not complete Stage 1, you will be randomly allocated to an apartment and will lose the chance to decide who to stay with.

Stage 1 is about putting yourself into a general friendship group. Friendship groups form the basis for our allocations – these are therefore the people you will be living with or nearby. There are virtually no constraints to who can be in your friendship group. They could be friends from college, from your sports team, or even from the other University. There is also no limit to the size of a friendship group. On the whole, you will have one of two options: either you create a custom group for yourself and your friends, or you join an existing college group, which acts as a simple, hassle-free friendship group.

To create a custom group: Initially, just one member of your group will need to login to the NUCO portal. They will need to ‘Create a Group’ and give this group a name. They will then be given a unique group code which you and the rest of your friends will need in order to allocate yourself to this friendship group. To do so, please click the link above and select ‘Join Group’.

To join an existing college group: Our first e-mail will contain a code which is specific to your college and accommodation tier. Login to the NUCO portal and select ‘Join Group’. Insert the code and you will then be added to your college contingent.

Please note the following: 
Upgraded Accommodation: you will only be able to create or join a group containing people with the same accommodation upgrade. The college code we send you will be specific to your accommodation upgrade choice.

Racers’ Package: you will only be able to create or join a group containing racers on the package. Whilst all racers will be in Tier 1 accommodation, you will not be able to share a room with friends in Tier 1 accommodation. This is because you will arrive two days before Tier 1 rooms are available.


Stage Two 

Once Stage 1 is closed we will allocate appropriate apartments to your friendship group. The size and type of your allocated apartment(s) will vary. For instance, a friendship group of 24 could receive four 6-bed apartments or three 8-bed apartments. A friendship group of 8 may receive either one 8-bed apartment or two 4-bed apartments. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to cater to special requests concerning the precise size or number of apartments.

Once Stage 2 is open, you will need to allocate yourself to the precise apartment within your friendship group. You will be able to see which of your friends have already allocated themselves to which apartment. Please note that these allocations are done on a first-come, first-served basis, and if you leave it too late, you won’t have as much of a free choice regarding the precise apartment.

Please familiarise yourself with the following:
Single apartments: If your group has been allocated a single apartment, you will not need to take any action when you view the allocation page – you will all be in the one apartment by default.


Extra Details

Proximity of apartments: In the vast majority of cases, apartments will be located next to each other. Unfortunately due to the layout of apartment blocs, this is not always feasible and it is possible you will be split over multiple different floors or even accommodation blocs.

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