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The Varsity Trip is run by a committee of 8-10 full-time Oxford and Cambridge university students. The incoming Committee will take on the enormous task of making sure the Varsity Trip 2018 is a greater success than ever before. From deciding which resort, to planning mid-week events, the roles are as varied as they are fun. Running the Varsity Trip is one of the most challenging, engaging, and rewarding things you can do with your time in Oxbridge.

It goes without saying that there are also major CV points to be earned by organising an event of this scale; if you like the idea of travelling the Alps evaluating ski resorts, and are prepared to put in the hours to make the whole Trip unfold, we want to hear from you. Contrary to popular belief, skiing ability does not come into it whatsoever.

The size and composition of the Committee is flexible and varies from year to year according to the strengths of applicants and the evolving requirements of the Trip. Below, we have listed the core roles for which we are recruiting and also the additional skills that are really useful, so, if you have them, make sure to let us know! If you feel you have something to add to the Trip, whether or not it’s mentioned as a role below, please feel free to apply!

The deadline for applications is Friday 19th January at 23:59. Interviews will be held in Oxford and Cambridge in late January and early February. For successful applicants, there will be a reconnaissance trip to the Alps after the end of the Hilary/Lent Term – it will be useful, but not crucial, for you to be free during this vacation. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch at

How to Apply

The application process is quick & simple.

You'll need:
  • To have picked a role. Below is a list of available roles for 2018 along with a brief description. You'll be able to apply for two positions but focused applications tend to be best.
  • Your CV. This should be prepared in its most up-to-date form, and any skills / experience you feel are relevant to the role(s) for which you are applying should be emphasised.
  • A cover letter (we recommend around 500 words), which must include the following information: your name, University, College, year of graduation, and clarification of how many years you could serve on the Committee.
  • A portfolio if you are applying for the Media & Marketing or Design roles.
Additional experience worth noting in your application:
Ski Race Competitions
Fluent French speakers
Proficiency in using Adobe Cloud (Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator etc.) or equivalent
Proficiency in Final Cut Pro or equivalent
Experience working with British Media

Please note we do not expect a single Committee member to possess all these skill-sets to a high standard simultaneously, nor are they fully necessary for some of the roles!

If you have any questions or problems, get in touch with us on
The deadline is Friday 19th January at 23:59.
When you're ready, click here to apply

Core Roles

These roles will be allocated to candidates as soon as they are recruited to the Committee. These candidates may also be expected to take on one or more “additional roles”. It would be unusual for a single candidate to fill multiple “core roles”.

PRESIDENT (Annabel Lawrence, New College, Oxford)
The President of the  Varsity Trip has the overall responsibility for ensuring that the Trip is a success from start to finish. As well as being the public face of Varsity Trip 2018 to the wider world, the President oversees the work of the other Committee members to ensure that every element of their work comes together as a unified whole.The President is chosen at the end of each calendar year by the outgoing Varsity Trip Committee, and is always a previous Committee member. They are then responsible for interviewing and selecting the rest of their Committee for the upcoming year.

VICE PRESIDENT: LOGISTICS & TECHNOLOGY (Ed Hardy, St. Peter’s College, Oxford)
As Vice President, Ed serves a similar role in the Varsity Trip Committee as in any other organisation: to act both as support to, and a substitute for, the President in the event that the President is unable to make a particular meeting or is double-booked.  As last year’s Tech guru, Ed will continue to  oversee the development of the Varsity Trip website and in-resort technology.

FINANCE (Aran Macfarlane, Pembroke College, Cambridge)
The Finance Director is responsible for managing the books and ensuring that Varsity Trip’s large budget comes in right on the line. Working closely with the whole Committee, the Finance Director is in charge of the most extensive accounts of any Oxbridge society. Now that Varsity Trip is a registered company, they are also responsible for preparing the annual accounts including records of every single transaction and receipt. Having been Design Director last year, Aran’s step-up will make sure his artistic precision is transferred to ensuring the best value for money for all our participants.

ENTERTAINMENTS (Juliette Wise, Homerton College, Cambridge)
In the past five years, Varsity Trip has attracted huge names such as Tinie Tempah, Rudimental, Katy B, DJ Fresh and Calvin Harris to some of the biggest parties ever thrown in the Alps. The Entertainments Director takes charge of the two largest events during the week: the festival-scale Opening and Final Night Parties. As last year’s College Rep Coordinator, Julie lives and breathes VT. Luckily for us, she also loves a big night out, and will be working with top-tier acts and industry professionals along the way to deliver an experience like no other.

Events Director is one of the most varied roles on committee. Broadly speaking, they look after apres at VarCity and all the other mid-week social events. In the past few years, Varsity Trip has seen comedy nights, mountain meals, crewdate/swap nights, pool parties, paint parties, snowball fights, and much more. This year we are looking for someone with heaps of energy and ideas to build upon the reputation of Varsity Trip and put on brand new events to keep the Trip’s timetable fresh for 2018.

It is the job of the Design Director to further develop of the most recognisable brands in Oxbridge. Seeing your own design on thousands of stash items, banners and online gives the Design Director a unique sense of reward and achievement. This role requires proficiency with the Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, etc) or equivalent, and you will be expected to send in a portfolio alongside your application to showcase this.

Whether participants are 1st year students with no skiing experience, or seasoned experts of Varsity Trip, the Marketing Director is expected to appeal to as wide an audience as possible to build on trip numbers. This role must also work extensively on all platforms of social media, creating facebook posts and videos. The Committee is looking for someone with bright, novel ideas, as well as a concrete understanding of how to enthuse  Oxbridge students. Typically, this includes short promotional videos in the run-up to booking, followed by the famous Welcome and Final Videos that are produced and shown on the Trip itself. Candidates for this role are expected to apply with fresh ideas, be able to foresee potential obstacles, and discuss a rough plan to build on the previous professional level of the Trip’s media. This role requires editing skills in Adobe Premiere, Final Cut or equivalent as well as the ability to carefully select and work alongside a professional media team during the Trip itself, if desired. If applying for this role, please submit a portfolio showcasing previous work alongside your application.

For the week-long event a large amount of information needs to be published to our participants. The role is responsible for collating all the details of the trip, producing the content for the website, the official guides, and occasionally writing press releases for newspaper articles. The role is also responsible for promptly responding to and answering enquiries emailed to Varsity Trip. Each year Varsity Trip receives a huge number of emails from participants, charities and potential partners, all of which must be answered; the Committee needs someone who is well-organised and will respond accurately and politely to every enquiry.

The Rep Coordinator is responsible for a team of around 60 College reps, 30 ambassadors, and even more Freshers’ reps. They  must be engaged in order to perform well and maximise Varsity Trip’s exposure across Oxford and Cambridge. The role also includes promptly and accurately answering the large number of enquiries from participants passed on by college reps. The Committee is looking for someone with great interpersonal skills and fresh ideas of how to improve the college rep and ambassador system. Existing college reps and ambassadors are especially encouraged to apply to this role.

Additional Roles

These roles may be assigned as supplementary responsibilities to a core role, as a collection of “additional” roles constituting a full position or, in some cases, not even allocated at all.

Older than the Winter Olympics, the Varsity Snow Games are among the most prestigious events in the Oxbridge sporting calendar. This role is responsible for arranging the packed schedule for racing and competitions throughout the week including the Varsity Races, Cuppers and the Freestyle competition. The Committee is looking for someone with racing experience and impeccable organisation and will be working both with the resort as well as the University Ski and Snowboard Clubs, and potentially the Press,  to provide a bigger and better Snow Games in 2018. Applications from OUSSC and CUSSC are encouraged although applicants should bear in mind they may forfeit the right to race by filling this role due to time commitments during the Trip.

Those applying for this role should look to combine it with a core role.

This role is in charge of negotiating large contracts with blue-chip companies such as M&G, Red Bull, Ernst & Young, Investec and KPMG. Working closely with partners from day one and continuing strong relationships from previous years to get the best deals for both parties, the Committee is looking for someone with ideas about how to attract investment, and experience in dealing with big names.

Those applying for this role should look to combine it with a core role.