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We are shaking up events this year! Details on the various events being run throughout the week can be found below. We've got something for everyone, from the huge Varsity Fest to sophisticated dinners. Take a look at some of last year's events!

Find the event timetable for the week here.


Varsity Fest

The all new event for Varsity 2023!

 The biggest show in the snow with LF System headlining we can't wait to welcome you to the most epic winter celebration of the year. Join us for an unforgettable experience that will leave you ready and raring for the week ahead!

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Mega Après

It's the grand finale of your trip, and we're making it unforgettable with a Mega Après Party! With Headliner Sammy Virji, crazy decorations, fireworks, and a secret afterparty surprise - we're doing it right. Get ready for the ultimate night of Varsity Trip celebration! Limited capacity so claim your free ticket fast on booking day!

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Après ski

What you’ve all been waiting for… the iconic Varsity Trip aprés ski is back with a bang! Head to Cocorico’s for band performances, dancing tunes, free food and drink, stash giveaways and the unmissable Varsity Trip atmosphere.

Silent Disco

Swap your helmets for headphones on Tuesday night - with multiple channels the disco might be silent but you definitely won’t be!


Wilderness Camp

Cozy teepees, snowy landscapes, fine wine, artisanal cheeses, and a crackling fire await you under the starry night sky. Join us for an amazing evening of rustic luxury in the snow!


Crew Swap

Missed Sesame? Missed Jamal's? We're bringing the cultural phenomenon of the crewdate/swap (depending on your educational orientation) to the Alps. Get your pennies ready and your best fines out, the Alps isn't ready for us.

Havoc with Haute Mess

Oxford's first drag night is here to bring you the queerest and messiest space for total self-expression. Whether you're a King, Queen, Monster, or just a messy bitch who lives for drama, we wanna see you get messy.
Haute Messy.


The Races

The reason we’re all here. 101 years ago, the finest Oxbridge skiers competed in the first Varsity Race. More than a century later, the question still remains: which blue are you?

Slalom Party and RailJam

Don't miss out on this winter sports extravaganza! Get ready to watch your friends fly down the slalom course, zipping through gates with precision and style. And that's not all – the excitement continues with our Rail Jam, where riders showcase their tricks on the rails.

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Blues Bop

A mid week celebration to conclude the historic races, Blues Bop is set to be the most exciting music-based event on the trip with Pola & Bryson to finish the night. We can’t wait for you to experience a curated line up that will blow your mind.

The Après-Afters

Still got some gas in the tank after Mega Après? 
The night is still young, so don't waste your final opportunity to party! We’ve got a secret set lined up for you at Le Strike…

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Even more events yet to be confirmed.

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Brunch and
Mountain Yoga

Start your day the right way with a morning yoga class. Take in the breathtaking mountain views at La Folie Douce and enjoy a delicious brunch afterwards.

Mountain Zumba

If you wanted something a bit more active than yoga, shake off your hangover with a fun and energetic zumba class!


Slopeside Soiree

 Varsity Trip is hosting the largest mountain meal in the Alps and you are all invited! An exclusive nighttime gondola ride over a luminous glacier sets the stage for a gourmet 4-course feast at La Folie Douce paired with delicious drinks. This is more than just a meal; it's a mesmerising experience with performers that exceed imagination and DJs who'll keep you dancing all night long. You definitely won’t want to miss it.

Black Run Bingo

Get ready for a night of glitz, glamour, and fabulous fun at our Drag Queen Bingo Extravaganza! Join us for an evening of utter carnage where Queens rule the stage and Oxbridge compete with wild games and challenges.  It's a crazy night and you definitely won't want to miss it, darling!

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Ou Est Le Poulet?

Teaming up with Oxford and Cambridge RAG, we've set crazy challenges for you to do in teams around the resort. Gather your flock of friends for a feather-raising, wing-flapping adventure in Tignes! It's a race against time to find the elusive ‘poulet’ and win an amazing prize, all while raising money for a great cause. Let the feathered frenzy begin!

Pool Party

Swap your ski jackets for swimsuits, because it's time to make a splash! Dive into a snowy Alps oasis where slides, inflatables and three free drinks await, all set to the beat of an amazing DJ. This tropical-themed frenzy will transport you from snow to sun as we bring a taste of summer to the mountains.

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Battle of The Club Nights

Who does it best, Parkend or Lola’s?! Get ready for the ultimate showdown as we settle the score once and for all. With iconic club tunes spun by your favourite recognisable faces and plenty of club stash, it's time to prove that your city’s party spirit reigns supreme.

Off Piste Park End

If you've already ticked off all 8 Parkend nights in Michaelmas and are still hungry for more, don’t panic! Parkend is travelling all the way to Tignes so get ready to "put your hands in the air if you're with your best friends" and savour a slice of home. Cambridge crew, Parkend might seem like enemy territory, but you're all warmly welcome – let us show you how it's done as we bring the Parkend magic to the snowy slopes!

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