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Do I need to be a good skier to come on the trip?

No! In fact, every year over 25% of participants are beginners. If you’ve never skied before you can book the ‘beginners package’ which includes lessons and equipment to sort you out.

When is booking day and what do I need to do?

Booking day is on the 25th January 2021.

What are the trip dates?

The official dates are 19 March to 27 March. Coaches will leave the UK in the afternoon and evening on Friday 19 March, arriving in resort on 20 March. On return, coaches will leave from resort on Friday 26 March, arriving in the UK on Saturday 27 March. Flights will depart on Saturday 27 March.


Where does the coach collect us from?

You will be able to select your departure point as either Oxford, Cambridge or London.

Can I change coaches to be on one with my friends?

We will assign you to a coach based on friendship groups. To try and change onto a different coach you will need to email info@nucotravel.com or message within the app. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to change coach, but NUCO will try and accommodate requests if possible.

How much luggage can we bring on the coach?

You can bring one soft shell suitcase for the hold and one small travel bag (e.g. backpack) for the overhead storage on the coach.

Can I bring my skis on the coach?

Yes! This can be done on the booking form or if you decide to bring skis afterwards then you need to inform NUCO as soon as possible after booking day so that they can allocate you to a bus with enough storage space, which can be done by emailing them on info@nucotravel.com or messaging on the app.

How long is the coach journey?

The coach journey is approximately 20 hours long, including several stops along the way.

Where does the coach drop us off in resort?

The coach will drop you off within a short distance of the accommodation block you have been allocated. There may be several stops within the resort and the NUCO rep on board can advise you when to get off.

Where does the return coach drop us off?

The coach can drop you off in Calais, Dover, London, Oxford, and Cambridge.

Can I get a bus out but get my own transport back?

Yes, there will be an option for this on the booking form. If you have booked return transport with NUCO but change your travel plans then email them on info@nucotravel.com or message them on the app to let them know as soon as possible. 

Can I change the location where I wish to depart from by coach and be dropped off at?

We cannot guarantee that you will be able to change location, however, if you contact NUCO by emailing info@nucotravel.com or messaging within the app with all the relevant information they will try and accommodate requested changes.

Where are the flights from?

Flights will depart from London airports, with the specific airport you’re flying from being specified on your e-ticket.

How do I get to resort from the airport?

If you booked your flights through us then your transfers are included and you will receive more information via email. If you have booked your own flights then you can book transfers by emailing info@nucotravel.com or directly with a transfer company.

Are the airport transfers included with the flights?

Transfers from Geneva airport to the resort are included, but you will need to make your own way to and from UK airports.

Can I switch flights?

As passenger information has to be submitted to airlines in advance this usually cannot be accommodated. However, if you contact NUCO by emailing info@nucotravel.com or messaging within the app they may be able to assist. Make sure to inform them of the flight you would like to change to and the reason for wanting to change. You may be charged airline fees if applicable.

If I book my own flights, can I get on the Varsity Trip transfers?

You may be able to buy a place on the Varsity Trip transfers if they haven’t sold out. To find out email NUCO on info@nucotravel.com.

If the Varsity Trip transfers sell out, which transfer company do you recommend?

Our recommended transfer company is Altibus; however, contact NUCO on info@nucotravel.com or messaging them on the app first, as if there is enough demand they may be able to expand capacity.

How much luggage can I bring on the flight?

Flights automatically include hand luggage and there will be an option on the booking form to include hold luggage.


Is the accommodation ski-in ski-out?

The extent of which accommodation is ski-in ski-out is dependent on snow coverage; however, we endeavour to get as much ski-in ski-out accommodation as possible. If your accommodation is not ski-in ski-out it is unlikely you will have to walk more than a few minutes.

How do I find out which accommodation block I’m staying in?

This information will be available once the room allocation process has been completed.

Can I switch rooms with my friends?

Usually no, but if you email NUCO on  info@nucotravel.com with the room you have been currently allocated, the room you would like to be on and your reason for wanting to change they might be able to arrange it for you. It may be helpful to cc’ in the person with whom you are hoping to switch, to make the process quicker

If all my friends have bought upgraded accommodation, but I didn’t, can I stay with them?

If you didn’t manage to get the upgraded tier you wanted you will be able to join a waiting list for that tier. Your friends can sell their tiered accommodation before the payment deadline, through the booking form, to join you in a lower tier (if available). 

Will there be a waiting list for upgraded accommodation?

Yes, there will be an option for this on the booking form

How many people are there to a room?

Room sizes vary from 4 to 16 people per room.

How does room allocation work?

Room allocation is a mult-stage process. First you create a friendship group with the people you would like to share with. You will then be allocated rooms for you and your friends.

Are there kitchens in the accommodation?

All rooms will have basic kitchen appliances (e.g. microwave, hob, fridge), but it varies between accommodation block. 

Do all accommodation blocks have ski lockers?

All rooms will be assigned a ski locker. Please utilise these, and do not take your skis and boots into your rooms.

Where is the accommodation in resort?

Accommodation is spread across the resort and you will find out which accommodation block you are in once room allocation is complete. 

Do I have to share a bed?

Occasionally there may be a double bed to share in your room group.

Does the accommodation have WiFi?

We cannot guarantee that all accommodation blocks will have functioning wifi; however, we try to ensure that they all have some form of wifi. 

Can I book my own travel, accommodation and ski pass, and then come to the Varsity Trip events?

If you email enquiries@varsitytrip.com it may be possible to sort an arrangement out.


How long will I have to make my booking?

Usually the trip sells out within an hour, so you need to be on the website at 8am!

How does the booking queue work?

When you visit the website on booking day you will be assigned a random place in the queue; however, we recommend being on your laptop at 8am when the booking platform opens.

Can I make changes to what I selected on the booking form?

If you want to make any changes after having paid the deposit then contact nuco on info@nucotravel.com or message them within the app and they will try and accommodate the change you would like.

Do I pay for the whole trip on booking day?

On booking day you will be required to pay a £100 depost in order to confirm your place. You will need to pay the rest within the time told to you.

Do I need insurance? What does the insurance cover?

You will not be able to participate on the trip unless you have travel insurance. This can be bought through the booking platform, which we strongly recommend. If you would like to book your own insurance then make sure to check what it covers carefully and update your booking form accordingly. You will be required to input your policy number.

Can my non-Oxford/Cambridge friends book onto the trip?

Yes, non-Oxbridge individuals can book onto the trip and they follow the same process as Oxbridge students. The only difference is that they select ‘guest’ instead of Oxford or Cambridge on the booking form.

Where will I find my e-ticket?

Your e-ticket will be emailed to the email address registered against your NUCO account. In addition, all your tickets will be available within the NUCO app.

If I don’t want to ski, can I get a discount?

If you email enquiries@varsitytrip.com it may be possible to sort an arrangement out.

If I require a Visa for Varsity Trip where can I find the relevant detail required e.g. accommodation address and transport receipt?

To get the relevant information you need to contact NUCO on info@nucotravel.com or message them within the app as soon as possible after booking day. They will be able to provide you with a letter with all the relevant information for your visa application.


How do I determine what size I need?

Similar to previous years, we will be scanning everyone’s feet. We will email out the times and dates once confirmed.

Can I rent a snowboard?

Along with ski hire, there will be an option to rent a snowboard on the booking form.

When and where do we collect our ski hire?

You will be allocated a ski shop from which to collect your gear and also a collection time. The collection time will either be on Saturday afternoon/evening or Sunday morning depending on what time you arrive in resort.

What’s the difference between standards of skis?

The higher the standard of ski hire, the more technical the equipment will be.

Do I need a helmet?

Yes, you can rent one via the booking form.

Can I bring my own boots?

You can bring your own boots; however, you will need to fit them in your luggage as you cannot bring an additional hold bag.

Do I need ski insurance? What happens if I damage my skis?

We recommend getting ski insurance and this will be offered to you when collecting your skis. If you damage your skis you will need to return them to the ski-hire shop and see what they say. Ask a NUCO rep or a french speaker to go with you so that you can communicate effectively.

Can I exchange my ski boots if they don’t fit?

If your ski boots are uncomfortable and do not fit then take them back to the ski-shop you got them from and they will exchange them for you.

Does ski hire include poles?

Yes, ski hire includes poles.


Do I need lessons?

If you are a beginner or do not feel comfortable getting on a chair lift and skiing down a gentle blue run then we would recommend that you get lessons. However, lessons aren’t only for beginners and any level of skier could benefit from them. 

Will me and my friends be in the same class?

If you have chosen lessons from the same level then it is possible, but if it turns out that you are not then we may be able to arrange for you to switch groups. Contact NUCO on info@nucotravel.com or message them within the app for more information.

When are the lessons?

Lessons are 2 hours long and take place in both the morning and afternoon.