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So are your friends.


Beginners who learnt with us in 2018.


The cost of our 3 day beginners' package.


Equipment hire with beginners' package.

Varsity Trip is the time to learn.

Learning to ski is incredibly fun and Varsity Trip is the perfect way to get going. Lessons included in the beginners' pack start on Sunday, so you'll be taught everything you need to know from day one. The first thing you’ll learn is how to snowplough, which enables you to regulate your speed easily and safely, and you’ll learn how to stop before you’ve picked up enough speed to make it worthwhile! Just select the beginners' pack option on the booking form.

£139 for 7.5 hours of lessons
£169 for 12.5 hours of lessons

The beginners' package is +£10 if you want to snowboard.

Val Thorens is the best place to do it.

Val Thorens has two dedicated beginners' ski areas, over 20 green pistes and 67 blue pistes that you can progress on to, when you're ready.

No pressure.

If you don’t take to skiing as much as you thought you would, there’s a lot of other things happening on the trip. From Cocktail & Canapés evenings, to our very own Cabaret — it’s still an incredible week in the Alps with your friends!

Still not convinced? 
Watch a beginner learn on VT17.