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English, Hertford, Oxford
On what will be his fourth Varsity Trip, the new president has always repped for the trip. Having spent a year at the helm of all things stash, merch and branding in 2016, and, as a third year English student, Conor brings his characteristic artistic flair to the top role. Also known for his table-dancing skills at apres for vt2015, Conor oversees all aspects of the committee, from money to music. He’s here to take all the credit for everyone else’s work, and look good doing it.

Mathematics, Brasenose, Oxford
Varsity Trip’s biggest fan, having first braved the slopes as a fresher, James is now heading into his second year on committee as our Vice-President. A third year Mathematician, he’s found his true calling as VP, in charge of all things financial -  you can thank him for the fact your £359 stretches as far as it does!

Chemistry, New College, Oxford
Forget buying tropical beach garments in the August sale, Annabel has spent her summer stockpiling winter thermals, and designing a complete range of shot-skis for the coming season. For her third installment of the Blues Races, she’ll be watching nostalgically from the side-line, as our Race Coordinator. In her other life, Annabel works hard to get you as many perks and freebies as humanly possible from our lovely sponsors.

Engineering, Pembroke, Cambridge
Not only is second year Aran the best dressed engineer in Cambridge, but he is also this year's design director - meaning he has designed every part of your visual Varsity experience. Literally everything: from your wristbands, our new logo and stash range to the welcome guide and poster. Aran’s interests include high quality instagram posts and stash! You'll be hitting the slopes in style (and comfort) this year thanks to him and the permanent spinal damage he has incurred hunched over a computer editing his designs for hundreds of hours.

Geography, St Peter’s, Oxford
When Ed isn’t studying rocks, he’s skiing on them. As our resident tech expert he’s in charge of making this year’s tech better than ever. Say hello to our beautiful new website, the VT bot and some exciting new in-resort wizardry all making your week in the Alps that little bit better.

Italian & Russian, Murray Edwards, Cambridge
Jess is both committee’s resident lightweight, and our events director in charge of organising all the mid-week parties and events as well as every-day Apres! Jessica ended a 6 year hiatus from skiing as a fresher and is heading into second year with a focus on fun in France, doing her best to forget she also studies languages for her degree.

Education with Classics, Homerton, Cambridge
Heading VT up for her college in 2016, Julie could not get enough of the talented pool of reps that VT attracts every year. This year, she’s swapped lacrosse sticks for excel TaskMaster, and is back, as their boss. Having captained the Cambridge team, she’s perfectly suited to the role, coordinating reps and ambassador activity across both uni’s and organising their socials. With a record number of applications for college reps, you can be sure #VT17 will be as huge as her tummy after that time she ate 40 chicken nuggets on committee reccies.

History & Economics, Christ Church, Oxford
Kirsten is hoping to turn her social media addiction into a career, starting as VT2017’s Communications and Marketing Director. Every email, facebook post and word on the website has been lovingly written from her bed in Oxford, probably at 4am after a questionable night out at bridge. She’s also in charge of dealing with all VT related enquiries, so feel free to send any VT related questions, Game of Thrones chat, or chirpse, her way at

Material Sciences, ex-St Annes, Oxford
Nick, otherwise known as the committee dinosaur, is ending his Oxford career on this year's Varsity Trip. Organising the opening and final night parties could not be a more appropriate role for the club night founder and DJ. Huge, diverse and novel things to come in Twenty Seven Tignes...

Computer Science, Homerton, Cambridge
As Media director, Rowan’s main task is to create all the videos for the trip. Central to that, is the after-trip video showcasing all the events and happenings of this years trip. A word of advice - when the vid drops and it's straight fire, you really don’t want to be watching it thinking you wish you’d gone. It will be wham.

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